“The New Standard for B’nai-Mitzvah Books”


Last updated March 2, 2004


The Complete Bar-Mitzvah Preparation Book & The Complete Bat-Mitzvah Preparation Book

feature a user friendly format with large clear text and spacing, Congregational responses,

a distinct “Kamatz Katan” vowel, and English explanations.

Click below to view sample pages.  Please note that the books are printed on a high resolution

commercial printer, using high-contrast, heavy-weight paper.  Attempting to print these sample

pages may not yield the same high-quality results.


Sample Pages are in .pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader


Sample Trope page


Sample Haftarah page


Sample Blessings page


Sample English Explanation page


Sample Personalized Cover



For more information, or to order a book, please contact:

23 Holm Crescent

Thornhill, Ontario L3T 5M4


Phone: (905) 881-2377

Fax: (905) 881-5776