“The New Standard for B’nai-Mitzvah Books”


Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the books?
There are three options for purchasing books:

1. Book only: US$25.00

2. Book with a plastic CD holder (holds 2 CDs): US$27.00

3. Book with Trope Trainer Lite™ (includes CD holder): US$59.95

Please call or email for Canadian and foreign pricing options.


Our synagogue has a large B’nai Mitzvah class – can we get a bulk discount?

Because each book is individually custom-made and personalized, there is no discount for large orders. However, ordering more than one book at a time will usually save some money on shipping.


How is it possible that the B’nai Mitzvah books are suitable for Conservative, Orthodox, and Reform congregations?

The answer is customization! When you order books for your synagogue they will be customized for the traditions of your congregation. This includes Torah and Haftarah text, Blessings, Trope, Kiddush, as well as other elements.


A student lost his book – how much is a replacement book?

Replacing a lost book costs US$15.00.


How long does it take to get the books?

Typically, it takes four weeks from the time you place your order until you receive the books. Small orders and single replacement books can usually be made more quickly. Very large orders, or orders with many additional customizations may need more time. Please call or email if you have questions about the timeline for your books.


What is the difference between the Bar-Mitzvah book and the Bat-Mitzvah book?

Nothing. The books are identical, except for the words “Bar” and “Bat”.


Our synagogue has several weekday morning and Rosh Chodesh B’nai Mitzvah. Do you have a book for these types of ceremonies?

Yes! The weekday/Rosh Chodesh edition includes the weekday Torah reading as well as the Chatzi Kaddish following the reading. It also has a different introduction that refers to the weekday service.


Our synagogue has several Shabbat Mincha / Havdalah B’nai Mitzvah. Do you have a book for these types of ceremonies?

Yes! The Shabbat Mincha edition includes the Torah reading as well as the Havdalah ceremony. It also has a different introduction that refers to the Mincha/Havadalah service.


Why do I need these books? Couldn’t I just print my own text from a Hebrew word processor or photocopy from a Tikkun?

You could print Tanach text from a Hebrew word processor, or photocopy from a Tikkun but that would not nearly reach the level of usability that the books have. The Torah and Haftarah texts in the books have been edited to conform to the Breuer standard. They also contain distinct kamatz-katan and sh’va-na vowels, and the verses are numbered with English numbers rather than Hebrew letters. The books also include many supplemental materials, English explanations and instructions, and are professionally coil-bound with plastic covers for a durable and attractive package. Besides, educators have more important things to do than edit text at a computer, or stand over a photocopier!


What is TropeTrainer™ software?

TropeTrainer software is used in conjunction with a teacher to help teach Torah and Haftarah chanting. (visit


What is TropeTrainer Lite Software?

TropeTrainer Lite is a special version of TropeTrainer software, available exclusively from It contains only the Torah and Haftarah text that the student will read, and matches the text that appears in the book. Students who intend to read Torah or Haftarah after their Bar/Bat-Mitzvah can later upgrade to a full version of TropeTrainer software.


We plan to use your books and TropeTrainer software. Are there any differences in the Torah and Haftarah texts?

The Bar/Bat-Mitzvah books and TropeTrainer software are both edited to conform to the Breuer standard of Tanach text. There are only two differences between the books and software: First, the books do not show the “k’tiv” version of words in the Haftarah, only in Torah. TropeTrainer software shows both. Second, the books use the modern spelling of “Y’rushalayim” with a “yud” between the “lamed” and “mem-sofit”. TropeTrainer software uses the traditional spelling with no “yud”.


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